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C H A N G E  L I V E S

E M P O W E R  C O M M U N I T I E S

B U I L D  T H E  F U T U R E

For more than 25 years, I have traveled the world, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ with my wife, daughters, and our dynamic GZ teams. It is an experience like no other to respond to global needs by giving vital resources, building everything from palapas to playgrounds, and providing that which is invaluable; faith and hope in Our Lord. 

We are committed to changing lives, empowering communities, and building the future in the locations of: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico; Port au Prince, Haiti; Adaman Islands and Gujarat in India; Tokyo and Misawa, Japan; Kingston, Jamaica; and Cuba.

We thank you for joining with us by way of prayers, financial support, and team volunteering as we continue to be givers of hope and healing to our brothers and sisters all over the world in Jesus' name.

Richy Petrello

Pastor & GZ Global Founder

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Every Summer GZ takes a team of volunteers to 6 remote villages in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Our enthusiastic teams create a joyous experience for the children by way of drama, dance, music, puppetry, arts and crafts.  We also provide hot meals, snacks and drinks for every child and every member of their family.


Over the years, we have supported and equipped an incredible team of native leaders who gather with the people of these villages all year round to continue the activities for the children, and conduct church services.  Our construction of palapas, playgrounds, and housing for these leaders have created a permanent meeting place for the beautiful Mayan and Mexican people.

In December, we work with our leaders of each village to find out the needs of every home and generously give each family a month's supply of food, clothes for each member, and toys for the children.

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Frequent mission trips to the impoverished Island of Haiti have produced transformation in the lives of multitudes. GZ teams travel to the island's capital of Port-Au-Prince with plenty of food and clothing. We also have supported a great man of God and his church, christian school, and ministry.  We've supplied this 3,000 member church with sound systems and generators; and christian school with desks, chairs, music equipment and instruments (percussion, pianos, amps, etc.)  During the height of the Island's "Carnivale" (Mardi Gras) celebration, we build and hold massive outreaches in Port au Prince's soccer field where 25,000 plus Haitians pack in to hear the message of Jesus.



GZ is reaching India, through an ongoing partnership with a Pastor-Missionary living there. The financial support of GZ is helping support an orphanage that this missionary has built; to nurture, feed, clothe and minister Christ's love to over 55 orphans.  With the partnership of our missionary in India, a bold vision and resolute determination, we are working to reach the nearly 550 villages that comprise the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In Gujarat, we participated in a evangelistic event where 40,000 people gathered to hear the message of the gospel.


J A P A N 

GZ is committed to reaching the nation of Japan.  While 125 million souls reside in Japan, only 1% of the nation's population is a Christian.  We began pioneering evangelistic outreach trips to this country in 1995.  From events in Misawa Air Force Base (housing 22,000 Japanese and American soliders) to a televised concert with the Yamaha gospel choir at the Miss Veedol Dome, our Pastor's music with a message has provided a powerful opportunity to share the message of Jesus.  Through numerous outreach events, ministry at local churches in the region, and financial partnerships with missionaries in Japan, many lives have been impacted for eternity.  



GZ made our first missionary trip to the province of Kingston.  For eight consecutive day and nights, a missionary team, complete with band and choir, took the gospel message on a flat bed truck through some of the most impoverished places of Jamaica.  Hundreds of people were drawn into the streets to hear the Good News. Missionary volunteers spent time with the impoverished children in the streets of Kingston, praying with them and sharing Christ's love.  At the conclusion of the "Take it to the Street" crusade, Pastors Richy and Cathe delivered a powerful word to a local church of thousands as many were saved, healed and delivered.  


C U B A 

GZ has been equally committed to reaching the Island of Cuba with the message of the gospel.  Our focus has been on encouraging local Pastors who have struggled to build and grow churches.  Through the support of GZ, many churches have been built up, and many faithful Pastors have been encouraged to continued their work to reach this Island. 

In addition to grass-roots church building efforts; we have delivered much needed medical supplies to the Island. As an example, upon visiting a children's hospital in Havana that was unable to help patients who were sick due to a lack of basic medical supplies and ambulatory transportation; we were quick to meet that urgent need.  We embarked on a fund-raising campaign and returned to the Island with a fully equipped ambulance stocked to the brim with medical supplies, including wheel chairs, and desperately needed surgical supplies, staples, and equipment. We distributed supplies to doctors, hospitals and clinics.

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